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As a Ms.Sc. in for Chemistry & Physics I started out working in the field of environmental analysis as a laboratory technician.

  The implied experience in LINUX administration, networking, web development and data science lead to my first job abroad in the development department of a network surveillance company.

  I am currently working as a DevOps engineer and do IoT product development for open home automation standards.

  My latest projects focus on getting web services - frontends (online documentation, support ticket platforms, marketing system, SysAdmin dashboards, etc.) as well as backends (search engines, NTS time server, provisioning tools, service meshes, etc.) - from the developers PC through source control and onto the internet - agile, observable and cloud-native.




Waletech (INSTAR) Shenzhen, China
Chief Technology Officer

Computer Vision research and integration of existing machine learning services into AIOps workflows. Automated transfer learning with source control and CI/CD pipelines.


Waletech (INSTAR) Shenzhen, China
Chief Technology Officer
1 yr

Going Cloud-native with Hashicorp Nomad and Consul. Operating containerized and legacy web applications in delocalized, self-healing and auto-scaling bare-metal cluster. Extending observability by integrating services in the Zabbix Server monitoring software.


Waletech (INSTAR) Shenzhen, China
Chief Technology Officer
2 yrs

Integrating DevOps standards with self-hosted Gitlab source-control CI/CD pipelines. Containerization of web application and adding server and application layer observability.


Waletech (INSTAR) Shenzhen, China
Chief Technology Officer
3 yrs

Expanding the target for INSTAR products to the home automation sector by the integration of open IoT standards and communication protocols.


INSTAR Deutschland GmbH Guangzhou, China
General Manager
3 yrs

Leading a team in the development and maintenance of a customer online knowledge base, based Node.js and React.js on a CentOS and Elasticsearch backend. Integration of this online help platform into all in-house software products. As well as setting up internal training programs for the customer service team. New product development and quality assurance in cooperation with the production line.


INSTAR Deutschland GmbH Guangzhou, China
Support Technician
1 yrs

First and second tier technical support for end customers and on-site quality assurance for the production cycle. Creation of print and online documentation for customers and trainings material for new employees. Enabling the system integration into third-party software and hardware products.


University Cologne, Germany
Laboratory Technician
5 yrs

Mass spectrometry and Terahertz spectroscopy for the detection of iron compounds in high energy and low pressure plasmas (Ms.Sc.) for the department of physics and astro science. Combined with a teaching position for laboratory courses for the department of inorganic chemistry.


University Wuppertal, Germany
Scientific Assistant
4 semester

Development of new spectroscopic methods in atmospheric analysis for the department of physical chemistry.


University Wuppertal, Germany
Scientific Assistant
2 semester

Teaching position for laboratory courses in inorganic chemistry and instrumental analysis.

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