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Paho MQTT Client with Golang

Mong Kok, Hongkong

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In this example we provide example code for TCP, Websocket, TLS, and Websockets protocols to connect to the MQTT Broker. For more documentation on the use of the go paho-mqtt client, see the Go Client - documentation


go version

go version go1.16.6 windows/amd64


  • v1.3.5
  • v1.4.2
  • v0.0.0-20210805182204-aaa1db679c0d
go get
go get
go get


Add your broker data to .main.go:

var Host     = flag.String("host", "", "server hostname or IP")
var Port     = flag.Int("port", 8885, "server port")
var Action   = flag.String("action", "pubsub", "pub/sub/pubsub action")
var Protocol = flag.String("protocol", "ws", "mqtt/mqtts/ws/wss")
var Topic    = flag.String("topic", "cameras/go", "publish/subscribe topic")
var Username = flag.String("username", "admin", "mqtt broker username")
var Password = flag.String("password", "instar", "mqtt broker password")
var Qos      = flag.Int("qos", 1, "MQTT QOS")
var Tls      = flag.Bool("tls", false, "Enable TLS/SSL")
var CaCert   = flag.String("cacert", "./", "tls certificate")

In the example above I am using this Mosquitto broker with active Websocket interface.

go run main.go

Go Paho MQTT Client


You can also override the default values by adding those parameters to the run command:

go run main.go -host "" -port 8885 -protocol 'ws' -action 'pubsub' -topic 'cameras/go' -qos 1 -username 'admin' -password 'instar' -tls false -cacert './'