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Developing an App for the Homey Smarthome Gateway

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Setting up the Development Environment

A Homey App is software that runs on Homey, similar to apps on a smartphone. Homey connects all your devices at home, even different brands and technologies. Control your home from one app.

Automate your home with Flow, play your favorite Music and save energy with Insights. Homey is the central hub for your smart home.

Install Node.js

Apps are written in JavaScript, and run on Node.js. To develop an app for Homey we first have to Download Node.js from the Node.js website and install it on your computer.

Install athom-cli

Open a command line, and install the athom-cli program by running the following command:

npm install -g athom-cli


In the command-line, log in with your Athom account:

athom login

Create an app

Now create your first app by running:

athom app create

Homey Smarthome Gateway & INSTAR Cameras

Run your project

You are now ready to run your first app:

athom app run

Homey Smarthome Gateway & INSTAR Cameras

Exit your app by pressing CTRL + C.

When using athom app run, the App will be removed when Homey is restarted. Run athom app run --clean to run the app and erase all previous settings. Run athom app install to keep the app running for a longer time without debugger attached.